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I served as an executive with the Canadian subsidiary of Merck, and retired from this global pharmaceutical company after 32 years.    During my time with this organization,  I have had the opportunity to spearhead a number of strategic and operational initiatives resulting in enhanced work efficiencies and improved professional capabilities within the areas of Training & Development, Marketing Communications and Sales. 

My experiences over many years have bolstered my belief that developing effective competency in People Skills is the basic foundation for any employee in any industry whose desire is to one day manage and lead people.  Oral communication therefore, remains an integral part of People Skills.  My passion has always been to work on different models pertaining to People Skills, through which one's competency in this soft skill area could be ameliorated.

While I have conducted several live seminars with managers and executives on People Management, I have also had the opportunity to develop and successfully put in practice various concepts and models on the topics of Training, Coaching, Counselling, Handling Objections,  Task Specific Competence & Commitment, and Closing the Sale. 

My book, Managers, Stop and Have Another Look! is my recent effort to put together my years of experience on the 'How-To' when it comes to effectively managing Human Capital.  Readers will be able to capture a vast amount of information on People Management, the topic that I learnt on-the-job for many years, mastered it and disseminated the valuable principles and techniques  to scores of managers and executives over the past four decades.


Effective listening is another area which interests me a lot, and as a principle partner of Pharma-Comm Resource Centre Inc., I have also developed a very captivating computer-based interactive learning program on the subject of listening.  This unique self-learning program is titled:  Listening - The Missing Link in Communication.

I love to write on a broad range of topics on social media and have had the opportunity to publish my work on a few different topics.     I also spend time with my grandson to create 3D models.  My other hobbies are cooking and engaging myself in studying the genetics of racing thoroughbreds.

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