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Managers, Stop & Have Another Look: The Complete Guide to Unlock the Art of People Management


This book is a must-read for any person or organization looking to strengthen their people management skills. While it is relevant for all levels of management, it is particularly useful for front-line managers as it provides a thorough explanation for what, why and when training becomes coaching and most importantly HOW TO coach employees to succeed. In addition, the chapter on how to address difficult people management cases is particularly helpful as these are often mismanaged events for front-line managers. I had the opportunity to participate in the author’s people management workshop and it convinced me to incorporate it as a core component of the training program for new managers in my sales organization. Highly recommended."

- Robert Davies, Former VP Sales, Merck Canada 

Dastur distills it down to the essentials - there is no fluff! Whether you aspire to management, are an incumbent, or are considered an expert - the HOW TO is all here in concise treatment. Invest in yourself - read this book. Invest in your team - implement the learnings. ... and maybe even share this book with your high potential team members - I did - get people coming to you with solutions instead of problems."

- Jim Shea: General Manager, Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education

This book is a must for anyone managing people at any level who want to make a positive impact on their people management performance. These important ‘people skills’ are often overlooked by many companies, leaving new managers and executives alike with little or no understanding on what or how to manage their most importance resource - PEOPLE!  The author shares his expert knowledge and lays a strong foundation in training, coaching and counselling models he developed and how to effectively execute these models.  I had the opportunity to participate in the author’s People Management Workshop which has had such a positive impact on my career as a people manager and has enabled many of my direct reports to utilize these skills as their careers have advanced.  My daughter was recently promoted to a people management position and this is the FIRST management book I have recommended her to read!  I highly recommend this book!"

- Kathy Parker-Stracina, Former Regional Specialist Sales Manager Ontario, Merck Canada

An excellent guide for current and aspiring managers who want to excel at people management. The book provides clear guidance on "HOW TO" become a great people manager. The principles and models are easy to understand and follow, and the approach very clear.  As people managers are all too familiar, the title "Manager" does not necessarily follow what ought to - how does one develop the knowledge, skills and expertise to become a great people manager. This book is a perfect guide that will help managers at all levels prepare and do a better job in managing people.  I have had the opportunity to implement many of principles and models that are outlined in the book by the author with great success as I had the privilege of working with the author years before the book was conceived.  My immediate reaction when I heard that the book was published was, "... it is about time..." as I strongly believe that there is never a better time to have done so than now!  I highly recommend this book as the principles outlined in the book when reviewed and practiced, will come in useful in managing people not only at work but also, outside of the work space. Happy reading!!"

- Ken Saldanha: Director, Business Development & Patient Solutions

After reading “Managers, Stop & Have Another Look,” I was reminded of my first people management role after being promoted to District Manager from a Sales Representative position. In retrospect, I realized how much better prepared I would have been, as a “first time” people manager, with the “hands on” knowledge provided in Jal Dastur’s book. Putting this knowledge into practice, is not only ideal for a new people manager, but something that every manager can benefit from using during the various stages of their career. This approach to effective people management is relatively straightforward, universally applicable, and most importantly highly impactful. Dastur’s writing style is to the point and his teachings are well supported with real life examples, helping the reader to apply what they have learned into their own situation."

- Matt Killorn: Former VP, Marketing & Sales Operations, Novartis Pharma Canada

I have been actually quite lucky to get a hold of this book through a friend of mine who lent me his copy.  I can't help but get excited as this book is simply marvelous! The plight of a new manager is so vividly described that I totally concur with, as I myself been a sales manager over the past two years. Being an avid reader I must say that unlike some other books that I've read on people management which tend to harp more on the issues and lofty rhetorical statements and do not provide much in terms of practical solutions, this book almost spoon-feeds the reader into actual behavioral actions that managers need to undertake in a variety of situations. The verbatim examples of questions and phrases are a big help, as I am already starting to see some positive results at my workplace dealing with my salespeople. I am so delighted reading this book (although one may need to read some chapters repeatedly to retain the suggested principles and be able to instill them as a second nature). I've bought three copies. I'm sure will be great Christmas Gifts for my colleagues. An excellent read for all managers who have the responsibility to manage people!!"

- Sandy James, Associate Manager, Wal-Mart

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